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  03 Sep 2016

An online casino recreates the atmosphere of a real casino by using digital virtual reality. A sofware installed on a server (host computer) allows you to manage the bets that are made on the Internet.

Basically the structure of an online casino is as follows:

web site with information (graphics, sound, written text)

A customer downloads

The server that hosts the site and software

The license to operate legally

The first online casinos make their appearance around the year 90. This is a new game structure that rapidly spreads like wildfire on the Internet. The first manufacturer of gaming software is Microgaming, which still produces and distributes programs that allow you to gamble.

The sofwtare houses all the classic casino games such as: Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker, SlotMachine, Baccarat plus different variations for each one. For variant mean a game which is structured similarly to a classic just mentioned but that the changes that may affect the graphics, bonuses, or some rules.

Today the games are often developed with flash technology, which allows the player to play directly online without having to download anything on your pc.

Many companies running online casinos are based in countries that do not impose excessive restrictions in tax terms, bureaucratic. However, to operate in some countries you have to purchase a license which can cost tens of thousands of euro. Cost that should be easily amortized given the profitability of the sector which has a large volume of business.

The management of an online casino is developed as follows:

Create a company that will manage the casino

Acquire a license

Develop software for the operation of casinos

Invest in marketing activities

Currently in Italy gambling is regulated by AAMS (Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies). Online casinos who have not purchased a license number from AAMS, operating illegally and therefore not recommended to play in these casinos, because there is a risk to be blocked at any moment.

Almost all online casinos to attract attention to himself, offering the chance to play with some additional credits to those deposited. Some come to also offer 5 times the amount paid up to a few thousand euro. Someone often asked whether there are “disappointments” behind all this, the answer is that there are serious and others less online casino. Before proceeding with any deposit is so well informed and read what are the conditions in order to cash winnings.

The Playthrouh is the wagering requirements and is a very important factor to take into account before depositing any money to get the bonus. These requirements serve to avoid overusing the additional credits made available.

What are these requirements?

Generally in order to cash winnings you need to reach a certain volume of game that corresponds to the amount of bets in relation to Playthrough percentage.

For example: The value of the bets (playthrough) has 18 times the bonus amount. If the player receives a bonus of 100 €, you will have to wager a value of € 100×18 = 1800 before you can collect the € 100 extra bonus. This does not mean deposit or lose 100 €, but simply generate a volume of bets equal to € 1,800 through the game bets.

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