US gambling companies to focus on Europe and Asia

  10 Jan 2016

The press began focusing on this new US Internet gaming application law of 2006 that was passed by Congress and about to be signed by President Bush.

Though new legislation states that it is not illegal to gamble online, most banks and credit card companies have allowed the public to have the option of installing an online client which thus allows them to access or transfer to money funds online. According to this new legislation, it specifies that it is illegal for any bank, credit card company or financial broker to process transfers to or from an online gaming site.

With this new legislation on facilities, US customers will find it much more difficult to fund their online gambling customers. During the next 270 days, the government board will provide procedures and guidelines that will take effect for secure financial institutions.

Several online poker nurtures such as PartyGaming (PartyPoker), (Pacific Poker) and Playtech (Titan Poker, CD Poker, Noble Poker) announced that they no longer will take US customers but will focus more on Europe , on Asia and on other potential markets. So, how did Europa react with online poker company decisions? In September 2007, the United Kingdom will release all support measures to ensure legalized online gambling that everything will be in place and all permissions to be issued. At the moment, the UK government is working on a tidy program to legalize, set and rate online gaming firms as well as to identify and offer any help for the problem gambling.

Gaming Minister Richard Caborn stated in a meeting last July with Betfair that Britain should become the world leader in the online gaming field, providing their citizens the opportunity to play in a safe and well environment -regolato.

Under the records of the freedom of information rules, some UK ministers and officials are getting pretty comfortable with online gambling executives after they have met with them 26 times in the past 2 years.

The policy towards online gambling is not so clear in other European and Asian countries. A lot of countries are still under government-sponsored monopolies and forbid to license or sale from private companies.

The European Union has repeatedly ruled that EU countries should stop protecting their government-sponsored monopolies and should allow competition from private companies. France and Germany and some other countries continued to ignore EU decisions but Sweden finally managed to comply.

Online gaming firms are very eager for Europe and Asia to enlighten and even enforce online gambling policies due to the recent US legislation to prevent funding for online gambling customers. Surveys on several EU state policies regarding online gambling was initiated by the European Commission. They said they can announce action against these state as soon as this month.

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